Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Preventative "Medicine"

This past year my children have been diagnosed with a ton of environmental allergies.  This is also the first year they will be attending school.  Therefore, I am trying everything possible to avoid sickness without all of the drugs and shots involved with the recommended treatments.  Although this isn't a health blog, I thought it would be fitting to share how I am using food to strengthen my children's immune systems.  I feel they haven't been put to the test since I've started this daily regiment, but we're praying that this will work!  I will say that this can get expensive, but with contributions from family and from shopping around, it isn't too bad.

For their environmental allergies, I have them take 1 tbsp. of raw, unfiltered honey with 5 crushed alfalfa tablets and 1/2 of an Immunity Formula I. (Both the Alfalfa and Immunity Formula I are from Shaklee.)   I also give them acidophilus chewable tablets, DHA chews (Acidophilus and DHA chews I found at Target) and 5 Chewable Vitamin C and 2 Incredivites multi-vitamins also from Shaklee.   Then I just read on a Pinterest post that drinking a glass of 100% grape juice on a daily basis will help to prevent getting the stomach bug.  Yes please - I'll avoid that at all costs!

I decided one day to put the alfalfa and Immunity Formual I in the honey because it was torture trying to get the girls to take these on their own and it destroyed applesauce and orange juice.  Besides, Mary Poppins always said, "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down".  It's not "the most delightful way" but it's tolerable.   I have to admit, my girls are good sports in this whole ordeal.  They'd much rather eat this than have to go in for weekly allergy shots.

I crush the alfalfa tablets in a little pill crusher that my mom found for me.  It takes some muscle to do all 5 tablets at once.

I prick the Immunity Formula I capsule with a toothpick and squeeze half into each of the girls' honey mixture.

Then we stir it all up, and it looks like green sludge.  Yuck!  But the girls eat it like good little kids!