Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What separates the Italians from the "I" -talians

As most of you know I am expecting another baby in December.  I have been trying to eat healthy foods, but this last week I just craved something hearty and something to "stick-to-your ribs".  I have a recipe for Alfredo Sauce, but I wanted one that was REALLY good.  So, I looked up Emeril's recipe on the Food Network.

As I was looking at the comments about it, I came across one that was pretty pretentious, but it caught my eye as it said, "I have enjoyed Fettucine Alfredo in several restaurants throughout Italy, including the original "Alfredo's Ristarante" and not one of them used cream...."    Then it got me wondering, "What do they use?"  I then looked up Alfredo's Ristarante in Rome and found the story of the creation of Alfredo Sauce.  

Here's the link and the story: Alfredo's Ristarante of Rome  "The Original Fettuccine Alfredo was created in 1914 by Alfredo Di Lelio, concocted to tempt the palate of his pregnant wife who had lost her appetite.  Alfredo went to his kitchen, mixed egg noodles with the finest parmigiano cheese and butter and created a dish even his wife couldn't resist.  The rest is history!"  I felt I could really relate with this story.

I went to our local, Italian bakery and got some fresh fettucine (I could have made my own, but didn't quite have that much energy) and some imported proscuitto to add to the dish. (Note: Imported is so much better than the Domestic.) Then I went to the local grocery store and bought fresh, grated Parmigiano cheese and went home to make this meal.  Here's the recipe link: Alfredo Sauce Recipe.

I cut up the proscuitto and cooked it and the peas separately because you don't actually cook the sauce.   The secret to cooking proscuitto is to not cook it too long because it will dry out and be crunchy.  Make sure you keep a careful watch on it.  As soon as it's heated through, shut it off!  (And, yes, I already knew this and did it right.)

 Then I pulsed the room temp. butter and cheese in my food processor and waited for the noodles to be done.  Look at how soft and fluffy it is!

Then I mixed it all together and got a great response from my husband and girls.  Aubrey wanted 3 bowls and Angelina asked for another helping.  Jeremy's response was, "Wow!  This is amazing!"  I think it was a hit!  Look at how nicely it coats the noodles. 

In short, this, my friends, is what separates the true Italians from the "I"-talians.  (You know the want-to-bes who annoyingly pronouce it "eye"talian!)  Who would have thought that there was such a science to a good Alfredo Sauce?  Enjoy!


  1. That's awesome! Totally fat kid style, but I will have to try it! Yeah for Mr. Alfredo trying to make his pregnant wife happy!

  2. Oh, and I was gonna tell you, I'm so glad you finally posted again. I was actually just on this morning getting the recipe for the oven fried chicken and the homemade blue cheese dressing because we were headed to the grocery store this morning and I wanted to make sure I had all the ingredients. I was thinking, man I hope she posts again soon!

  3. YUM. :) I'll have to try this. Where is this local Italian bakery??? I didn't know we had one! One of my sisters is in Italy right now. Holly

  4. Tim and I are trying a new recipe once a month we'll have to add this to the list. It looks wonderful!