Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cakes and Parties, Part 3

I told you I had been busy!  This is why I've not posted in a while - I've been swamped with cooking!

Anyway, one month after all the Christmas festivities and birthday parties, my twins turned 6!  They really love the movie Gnomeo and Juliet, so they wanted a party themed after that movie.  Here was the result:

I found a picture of a similar cake online, and made it from box cake for the base, orange Sicilian cream layer cake for the top and then shaped it with Rice Krispie treats.  I "dirty iced" it with homemade buttercream and the fondant was the homemade marshmallow fondant.

This was the Orange Sicilian Cream Cake for the top.

My sister found this idea for the party, so I made "dirt cups" with chocolate pudding, crushed oreos for the topping, then garnished it with mint sprigs and gummy worms.

Then, I made veggie cups to add some nutrition to the mix!

My very good friend made these adorable meringue, chocolate mushrooms.  They were fantastic!  (I don't know if the link I put on was the recipe she used, but I'm sure they'll come out the same.)

The party set up...

I made the little blue and red jumpers for their gnome costumes.  Our friend, Annalesa of IndieAnna Photography, made these great, gnome party hats for them.  Check her out if you want custom party hats that are out of this world!

My 6 yr. old twinnies!

We showed Gnomeo and Juliet during the party - it was a good time.

Cakes and Parties, part 4 coming up!

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