Saturday, March 6, 2010

Girls' 4th Birthday Party

The girls birthday was a special event for many reasons.

#1 - It's their 4th birthday!  I can't believe how quickly time has passed.  It seems like only yesterday they were tiny babies whose preemie diapers were too big on them.  Now they're already 4!!!  It reminds me to savor each and every moment. 

#2 - My sister and her husband got to be home for the first time for one of their birthdays!  That was very exciting and the girls loved having them there for their special day.

#3 - It was another opportunity to throw a party!  I love party planning and themes.

So this year's theme was ice cream sundae themed.  Here are some of the highlights that my friend, Jen, so graciously photographed for me:

My friend, Mandy, made the most amazing caramel and hot fudge!!!

Jen just gets every fun, little detail!  You can hardly see it, but the table cloth was aqua with white polka dots on it cut from white paper with a clear vinyl covering over to hold them in place. 

The cake pops I made as favors are from Bakerella's site: Cake Pop Tutorial

Their birthday sundaes with candles that they blew out and chowin' down!

Aren't they so cute???

I made them felt food for their play kitchen.  They got a cherry pie and a sack lunch:



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