Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Heavenly Baking

It is chilly outside and using the oven to bake makes our homes so warm, cozy, and inviting.  I love it when my husband comes in from outside and gets hit with a wave of warmth and the smell of goodies coming out of the oven.  There's really nothing better to accompany the enjoyment of a warm home and family.  So that's why I'm calling it Heavenly baking! 

Apple season is here and what better way to celebrate than to make Apple Crisp topped with fresh whipped cream?  I used Martha's recipe for it this time and it was superb!

Who doesn't need a chocolate fix every now and then?  My Aunt made this recipe of Hershey's Chocolate Cake for a baby shower and it really hit the spot.  My husband doesn't even like chocolate cake and he loved this.  It's so moist, chocolaty, and really easy.  I put mine in a really big, oblong pan because I wanted to have smaller pieces than a layer cake provides.  I don't know the dimensions of my pan, but I think you could use two 9 x13 pans and it would work just fine.   This is definitely Heavenly especially with a glass of cold milk!!!


  1. Andrea- I love this recipe. I substitute strong coffee for the water. =)

  2. Oooh, good idea! I'll do it this weekend!!!