Friday, March 25, 2011

Monkey Business

 It's hard to believe my little, twin girls turned 5 this year!  They are my pride and joy.  We are so blessed with all 3 of our little ones. 

 This year's birthday theme was chosen by Angelina & Aubrey.  They were given a barrel-o-monkeys by their Grammy for Christmas and they decided they liked them so much they wanted their birthday party themed after them.  Of course Jeremy and I jumped on board with that and started planning.  Seeing as it was only one month after Lucia was born, I had to plan for ideas that were not too complicated and could be done in advance - including the cake.  We used the color theme of sock monkeys - red, beige, and brown -  and I made a 5 layer cake that I froze several days in advance.  Here are the results of  our efforts:

Jeremy made these adorable garlands for the doorways:

Jeremy also made these birthday hats for everyone to color.  Since Angelina randomly ran a fever the night before, we had to cancel all of the kids coming over for the party in case of it being anything catchy.  Fortunately, all of the adults who came humored the girls by coloring and sporting these lovely caps!

My beautiful 5 yr. olds...
More details of the party:

Happy Birthday to you!

 We even had a King Kong sighting!


  1. That's awesome! Great job-as always!!

  2. Andrea, you're incredible. It's really inspiring to see someone as busy as you are still getting creative!