Friday, March 25, 2011

Inspired by Television

This is what happens when I watch shows about cooking.  I've been watching the TLC show, Take Home Chef with Curtis Stone, on Netflix while feeding the baby.  I've been getting all kinds of good ideas and finally decided to try some out.  I decided to surprise Jeremy with a gourmet meal.  Although he knew I was making a nice meal, he didn't know what it would be.  I made the girls fish sticks for dinner and he thought that was it!  Ha!Ha!  I would think that after 12 yrs. of marriage he would know me better than that, but I guess he just had no idea what I had up my sleeve.

Since he really likes bruised tuna steak with wasabi and I really like shrimp and scallops (which he is allergic to), I made us each a really good meal.  This is our alternative to going to a restaurant and very economical.  The girls ate their dinner in their playroom with a new movie and we got to eat a peaceful dinner.  It was very nice!  So, without further ado, here was our dinner:

My entree was Venetian Shrimp & Scallops by Rachel Ray with Red skinned mashed potatoes.  Thanks to our non-gourmet local grocery stores, I didn't get to use the saffron strands and they didn't have any fresh basil in stock.  However, it was really good anyway and I used flat-leaf Italian parsley.  YUM!
Just to set the record straight - that is Merlot Sparkling Grape Juice - no alcohol.   Just in case anyone was wondering. 

Jeremy's entree was an 8 oz. yellow-fin tuna steak pressed in black & white sesame seeds then seared in toasted sesame oil. I served it with a side of wasabi sauce.  I roasted carrot strips in Hoisin Sauce & fresh grated ginger and served it along side red-skinned mashed potatoes.

For dessert I made chocolate boxes filled with chocolate mousse and topped with raspberries.  I had the girls share one and it was still pretty intense!  It's alot of chocolate.  I would recommend adults sharing one.

Our candlelit dessert:
 Chocolate covered kids!


Overall a successful, economical gourmet dinner at home!


  1. The Merlot SPARKLING RED GRAPE JUICE was delicious! Thanks babe for an awesome dinner, and a nice surprise.

  2. Much better than fish sticks!

  3. Aww this is great!! Good work!! I want to try the dessert! Yummo!