Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I found a very inexpensive and delicious recipe for Tirimisu using Bellino Lady Fingers Savoiardi that does not require rum.  These are $1.99 per package at my grocery store.  I use one package of the lady fingers and the recipe is on the back.  However, I found this blogsite that used the same recipe.  Although I made mine in a square cake pan and I just pour the coffee over the biscuits.  I've layered this recipe but in the photo I put both layers of biscuits on the bottom - pour coffee over each layer individually.  My husband likes having a thick layer of the custard.  Either method works and tastes amazing.  I found that I can make this for $8!  That's pretty good in this economy!   This recipe is also really easy and fast too. Enjoy and be inspired!  

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