Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Leftovers that you can't wait to eat

How many times do you dread your leftovers?  Well, the recipe for the pot roast that we had on Sunday uses the leftover meat from that meal and makes the most scrumptious lettuce wraps!  (recipe link for Asian Lettuce Wraps on the January Menu Calendar) Here was our dinner last night.

 Leftovers are no longer only good from restaurants! 
Here's a funny story though:  My sister used to put her name on the styrofoam container that contained her restaurant leftovers.  She even got to the point of putting the "Jolly Roger" on it too.  The reason was because I would always sneak in and eat her leftovers for lunch - every time!  Don't you despise people like me??  She had to move clear across the country to get away from me doing that.  I'm pretty sure she wishes I was there to eat all her leftovers though.


  1. I still can't afford to go out to eat, so I pretty much never have leftovers anyway. Jerk. haha

  2. I never thought I would like frou-frou food like lettuce wraps, but these really are good. There is still something manly about eating Roast Beef with your hands, even if it is wrapped up in Bibb Lettuce!

  3. Boy am I glad I didn't come over to your house for dinner.....why don't you just wrap up meatloaf in a newspaper and eat it.

  4. Andrea your Dad is so funny! I laughed at his comment. the dinner looks great I wouldn't have thought to wrap anything in a leaf that is a very healthy idea