Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A little doggie snack

In this day and age, even the dogs are going gourmet!  So, we must include them too.  Although our dogs are very, very far from spoiled, we try to give them something worth living for every once in a while.  (Don't worry, they live in insulated and heated houses in our barn - they're doing just great!)  The girls and I decided to make them some peanut butter doggie treats.  They were super easy and the girls had a blast and were so excited to be doing this for their puppies.  Here's the link to the web site that had the recipe we used: www.bullwrinkle.com

First the girls had to dress the part:

Adding the ingredients:

Licking the peanut butter from the spatula.  And, no, there were no raw eggs or inedible ingredients in these:

 Almost done:

Rolling out the dough:

Ready for the oven:

All done:

The dogs taste test.  Edgar wasn't interested - he was too excited to be inside. However, Henry loved them! 

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