Monday, March 8, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Jeremy gave me roses this week as a belated Valentine's (it was a little tight the week of it!). They are the perfect and so fragrant and my favorite color too.

For the actual Valentine's Day everything was homemade. 
It really ended up quite fun!
First we started out early the week before making ladybug valentines for all their classmates and friends.  We found the idea here:  Ladybug Valentines


We had spent so much time and energy getting ready to take Valentine's to others that I totally forgot about doing anything for my own children!  So, at 1am that morning, I recruited my husband to make Valentine's cards for the girls while I made some little stuffed owls for them.  By 2:30am, everything was ready for the girls to wake up later that morning.  They loved what they found.

This was Angelina's:

This was Aubrey's:

I cut out hearts to hang from the chandelier:


Here were the owls I made for the girls from felt.  I found a couple of pictures online and then just did my best.  They really liked them and I have to say, they turned out kinda cute!

Then for dessert that day I made strawberry shortcake with heart shaped biscuits and I cut the strawberry on top to look like a heart.

The day before I made Jeremy and I a special and delicious brunch, complete with heart shaped ice cubes!

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