Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cooking with Kids

My girls have been watching a new little show called Tasty Time with Ze Fronk online on Disney Jr.   It's a cute little cooking show of healthy snacks that kids can make pretty easily.  So far they've made the Banana-Strawberry smoothie, Coconut-Banana wheels, British Tea Sandwiches, and Pita Pizzas.  I have to admit they are pretty tasty!  Here are some pics of Angelina's endeavor with making the Coconut-Banana wheels & British Tea Sandwiches.

Then I made these little snacks for the Kid's Club that my husband and I teach at our church on Sunday mornings.  I wanted to make blueberry muffins, but wanted them to be a little more fun than just a muffin.  I also didn't want to use up all my good blueberries, so I cheated and got some Jiffy muffin mix and then topped off each one with a blueberry and a drop of frosting.  Make the muffins just like the instructions say except use ice cream cones.  I put the cones in my mini-muffin pan, but found the middle ones didn't bake well because they were too close together.  So, I think next time I'll use my regular muffin pan.  Oh well, they still turned out good and the kids really liked them. 

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